Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Tupperware Surprise Pack Deal!!

Tupperware: Bright & Beautiful Surprise Pack Deal!
Buy a $50 Surprise Pack for just $29.00 and receive another $50 Surprise Pack for just $1.00 more. That's $100+ worth of Tupperware for only $30!!
Update! I received my order yesterday, and I was very pleased. It contained...
Red Impressions 2 Qt. Pitcher
Orange Impressions 2 Qt. Pitcher
Set of 4 18 oz Tumblers
Minnie Mouse Set (4 plates, 4 glasses, pitcher)
Barbie Set (4 plates, 4 cups, pitcher)
Snowman Canister
Napkin Holder
4 cereal bowls
Fruit containers (apple and grapes)
Stack-n-Store Containers (3 w/Lid)


Anonymous said...

what things typically come in the 'suprise packs'? are they worth it?

Kim said...

I have always been more than pleased with the surprise packs I've ordered, and I've probably ordered ten of them. If I can't use something or get duplicates, I give those pieces as gifts (and let them think I paid full price :-)