Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bedtime Cottonelle Puppy Set

The Bedtime Cottonelle® Puppy Set (retail value $25) for $5.99 per set (limit two sets per person per household). Puppy measures approximately 10" long, Children's Slipper sizes: S up to size 13,M up to size 3, L up to size 6, & Bedtime Story Book.
Purchase one or more packages of Cottonelle® products and enter the appropriate UPC codes.
Here are some codes: 036000611151, 036000655308, 036000611106, 036000728507

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Robin Medley said...

On April 4, 2005 I mailed a check with upc's to recieve 2 sets. I got a postcard in June, 2005 stating that the orders were going to be late & that I should recieve my 2 orders after June 30, 2005. I have yet to get these items in the mail and I'm becoming a bit concerned. I did not mind waiting for them but since it has been since April I need an explanation on this please. If you would let me know something I would really appreciate it.


Robin A. Medley