Tuesday, March 01, 2005

49¢ Items at Staples!

You must order by Catalog No. to Get the 49¢ price:
1-Hole Punch 146308-LJ
#2 Soft Yellow Pencils Dozen/Pack 327694-LJ
9" Highlighting Ruler 457163-LJ
Black Wire Mesh Doodad Cups (Small) 385744-LJ
Black Wire Mesh Doodad Cups (Large) 385747-LJ
Bulldog Magnetic Clips 3/Pack 393383-LJ
Cap Erasers 12/Pack 167601-LJ
Clear-Front Report Covers 898710-LJ Blue, 895096-LJ Green, 895363-LJ Red, 895348-LJ Light Blue, 895104-LJ Burgundy, 898355-LJ Black
Flat Staple Remover 317313-LJ
Loose-Leaf Rings 16/Pack 481326-LJ
Poly Binders 1/2" Thick 557121-LJ Black, 557123-LJ Blue, 557122-LJ Red
Refillable Tape Dispenser 130575-LJ
Satin Silver Metal Binder Clips 40/Pack 481323-LJ
Side Wirebound Memo Books 199992-LJ
Staples 5000/Box 112284-LJ
Tab Inserts 100/Pack 117762-LJ
Tac N' Stick Reusable Adhesive 334690-LJ
Unpadded Memo Slips 500/Pack 237610-LJ
Washable Glue Sticks 4/Pack 334641-LJ
*Some people are reporting Free Shipping w/ANY size order. I personally got Free Shipping w/$50 or $7.95 under $50. Maybe it depends on where you live? I live in the middle of nowhere. :-)


Anonymous said...

Everyone can get FREE SHIPPING WITH ANY SIZE ORDER! Just join the Staples Reward Club-IT'S FREE TOO! Go to the Staples site and look for the Staples Reward club, click on it and once on the site enter your information. You are a member immediately. USE IT EVERYTIME. FREE SHIPPING!

Kim said...

Thanks so much for the Hint!! I was wondering how everyone has been getting free shipping on orders under $50! Thanks again. I appreciate it.