Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Cheap Magazines & Free Pillow

Two other good deals I've stumbled into.
First, after buying concert tickets through ticketmaster, I rec'd a pop-up to complete a survey. I did the survey because I am tired of paying ticket fees that are 40-50% as much as the actual ticket. At the end of the survey, I was offered 3 magazines for a year for $6 total through Bizrate. I was typical skeptic, but 3 weeks later I am recieving Time, ESPN, and Elle magazines. Pretty slick.
Second, for Utah shoppers, subscribe to the southtowne mall's newsletter. We've rec'd good coupons in the past and this month a coupon for free pillow from select comfort. Might be worth checking out newsletters from local malls in your area. Just in case you feel the need to shop offline sometime!

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